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What is KELiX?

Decide, learn, change. Smart, fast, efficiently.

For your career, at school or university, in a team or just by yourself.

KELiX helps you recognize your questions, thoughts or wishes. Use KELiX and you’ll make successful decisions, which may change your situation in a positive way.

KELiX is more than just a game. KELiX assists in decision-making. It’s an insight generator, which can lead you to your personal light-bulb moment – easily and intuitively.

KELiX doesn’t make decisions for you but shows you your possibilities. KELiX helps you recognize and realize them.

Decide, learn, change. 3 terms which are becoming increasingly important in careers, studies or private lives. KELiX accompanies (and assists) you.

Play KELiX, your personal insight generator.

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The App

Play KELiX anywhere, anytime. Available for smartphones and tablets.


  • Light

  • FREE

  • Fully playable
  • Card questions limited
  • Diary functions disabled
  • Team function disabled
  • Advanced

  • CHF 3.00

  • Fully playable
  • All card questions
  • Diary functions disabled
  • Team function disabled
  • Pro

  • CHF 6.00

  • Fully playable
  • All card questions
  • Diary function
  • Team function disabled
  • Team

  • CHF 29.00

  • Fully playable
  • All card questions
  • Diary function
  • Team function

Creator's Corner

Hear from Rolf Fink, the creator of KELiX.

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Dear friends of KELiX

As you may know, the development of the KELiX app started 2 years ago. Now it's here: KELiX is available as an app! Always close at hand!

We are pleased to introduce you to the app in more detail. As most of you have been using KELiX in its previous form, we would appreciate your feedback on this new version.

What has remained?

What is new? The entire KELiX with all its familiar tools such as the dices and cards.

The very own experience and intelligence gained when playing KELiX.

The curiosity thatgrows from time to time and intrigues and enthralls.

What is new?

A modern redesign.

New card images that fascinate and stimulate associations.

Diary function to document and record your own personal development.

Team cards for professional coaches and companies, as well as a worldwide map of KELiX coaches.

and now you can conveniently take KELiX anywhere with you, ready at hand on your smartphone or tablet.

Currently available in 8 freely selectable languages.

Please download the new KELiX, give it a try and send us your feedback. You can leave a review on the AppStore with your experiences, feedback, and improvement suggestions. Any feedback is welcome.

You can also send your feedback per email to:

Now the only thing left, is to wish you a lot of fun and new experiences with the new old KELiX.

Your Rolf Fink,


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