Basic Choices

As human beings we cannot find truth, but love.

And this despite the fact that besides all which makes us wonderful beings, we also bear with us all our ingratitude, our cowardice, our falseness, our bigotry, our greediness and our meanness. When we succumb to our ugly parts it becomes easier for us, to realize the unimagineable evil than the imagineable good.

But we have the choice in every life situation. Basically there are only 6 to 7 choices as described in the “Manifesto to the Earth Flag” below. If we choose carefully, using our brains sensibly, we will experience life as the wonder that it is.

Earth Flag Manifesto

As a human being, I am a unique part
of planet Earth and the Universe
and I can:
love you and myself,
keep learning and smiling,
clean up my own mess,
use just what I need,
give and contribute all that I am able to
and be meaningful for you and for me.


Listen to the Song of the Earth Flag Manifesto under the following link:

And here is the text to the song:

When I’am low and when I’m down
life seems gray and all is dark.
But when my eyes turn to the sky
I hear a voice that tells me
who I am and what I can:

I’m a human being
and I’m unique.
A precious part of planet Earth,
and the Universe.

And I can, yes I can

love you and love myself
I can, yes I can

keep smiling and learning
with joy and with ease
I can, yes I can,

yes I can clean up my own mess
yes I can

use just what I need,
not more not less
yes I can,

give and contribute
all that I am able to
and be meaningful
be full of meaning
for me and for you.

When I’m strong and keep on sailing
On neverending waves of bliss,
and listen to my throbbing heart
I hear a voice that tells me
Who I am and what I can:

Credits to the Earth Flag Manifesto Song:

Music: Roman Riklin
Idea and Lyrics: Rolf Fink
Produced by Roman Riklin

Vocals: Icarus Perez, Monica Schär, Rachel
Choir: Ndlovu Youth Choir, Conductor: Ralf Schmitt
Piano, Guitars, E-Bass, Drum-Programming, Cello, Metallophon, Violoncello: Roman Riklin
Recordings: Roman Riklin, Skarabäus Studio Dietikon
Vocal-Recordings: Frank Niklaus, Somastudios Zofingen
Choir Recordings: Tristan Trent, Figure of 8 Studios, Johannesburg
Mix and Master: Dave Hofmann and Frank Niklaus, Somastudios Zofingen

Ndlovu Youth Choir (founded in 2009)
Yound people’s choir of the Hugo Tempelman Stiftung in Elandsdoorn, South Africa
70 % of these girls and boys are orphans of AIDS infected parents and/or are HIV-positive

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